peter-huntPeter Hunt (Founder) is a Chartered Accountant and is also a Fellow of CPA Australia. He received a national meritorious service award from CPA Australia in 2004 for outstanding service as a Divisional Councillor on the New South Wales State Council for over 15 years.

Peter was an Australian Taxation Office advising officer in Canberra involved in taxation litigation. He won his first case at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (formerly the Taxation Board of Review) for the Australian Taxation Office at the age of twenty seven. Having reached a senior position, he left the Australian Taxation Office and pursued a career in the accounting profession, establishing this practice nearly 40 years ago.

Since then, he has provided taxation advice to senior executives, corporations, accountants, major legal and accounting firms, bankers, medical practitioners, pastoralists, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, business owners etc. He has published an accounting text book “Presenting a case before the Taxation Board of Review”.

He was appointed by the Premier of New South Wales to membership of the 1988 New South Wales Tax Task force to represent the accounting profession in New South Wales. The task force, which consisted of eight members, reviewed the nature and incidence of state taxes. It presented a 420 page report to Parliament.

Peter is the author of published articles in various professional accounting and taxation journals and has addressed many taxation-related seminars and conferences.

Member of the New South Wales Federal Tax Liaison Committee for twelve years.

Former President of the Public Accountants’ Committee of CPA Australia